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Thumb new crash dummies model obese and elderly drivers

Car Crash-Test Dummies Move Beyond Young, Thin and Male

The University of Michigan played a very substantial role in the early research that was used to design crash dummies, but those crash dummies are fifty years old. The population has changed very substantially, and what we're doing is taking amazi...

Thumb about morphomics

Dr. Wang Introduces Morphomics at Clinical Nutrition Week

Medical imaging is captured in pristine condition while patient response to treatment is progressively observed. Unlike many of the other "omics" bio-markers that need to be studied using routinely collected samples that are analyzed and destroyed...

Thumb dateline detroit all about autos

Dateline Detroit: All About Autos

When the first crash test dummies were designed in the 70's, engineers could not have predicted changes in the driving population. It wasn't envisioned that people would be driving at ages 70s, 80s, and 90s. And as they are, the anatomical differe...

Using telemetry to predict injury severity

Using Telemetry to Predict Injury Severity (PDF)

dentification of severely injured occupants is of utmost urgency following a crash event. Advanced automatic collision notification (AACN) has great potential to improve post-crash care if the risk of severe injury to a vehicle’s occupants can be ...

Seeking common ground

Seeking Common Ground: UMHS works with Amish and Mennonite communities toward a culturally sensitive approach to burn treatment

When an Amish child is burned, perhaps by liquid in a canning pot or flames in the home's wood-burning stove, the family often turns to community healers. These trained men and women apply an ointment that looks like spun honey. In fact, honey is ...

In the loupes article

One Man's Mission to Make Cars Safer (PDF)

As a trauma surgeon and director of the University of Michigan International Center for Automotive Medicine (ICAM), Stewart Wang, MD, PhD, sees rsthand the devastating and often fatal injuries that occur every day on our nation’s roadways. After ...

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