• Precision medicine morphomics

    Precision & Personalized Medicine

    Analytic Morphomics identifies bio-markers using medical imaging that provides insight into disease processes, treatment options, and outcome variability.

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  • Reference analytic morphomics population

    Reference Analytic Morphomics Population

    By using our Analytic Morphomics data, you can compare your patient’s inner measurements to that of a control population.

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  • Health center gradient


    Cross-fertilization between multiple scientific and professional disciplines continue to be the engine of technological innovation and advancement.

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  • International center for automotive medicine

    International Center for Automotive Medicine

    Our mission is to foster synergistic research between medical specialties, and biomedical and automotive engineering—efforts that translate quickly into new technologies, medical treatments, education, and policies that prevent injuries and improve care.

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  • Michigan surgical and health optimization program

    Michigan Surgical & Health Optimization Program

    Helping patients prepare for surgery by understanding their risks and engaging them in an intervention program.

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  • Vulnerable road users injury prevention

    Vulnerable Road Users Injury Prevention

    In 2008, the United Nations added Global Technical Regulation #9 - Pedestrian Safety to the Global Registry. This regulation seeks to better protect the thousands of pedestrians and cyclists that are injured by motor vehicles each year across the globe.

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  • State burn coordinating center

    State Burn Coordinating Center

    The State of Michigan Burn Coordinating Center has developed these modules to provide just-in-time training for pre-hospital and medical personnel caring for burn patients following a mass casualty event. This content is intended to support all levels of care for these patients as the triage and coordination of transfer is addressed.

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